Aircraft Sales Process

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Aircraft Sales Process


Professional access to a global marketplace

At PrivatAir, we provide you with detailed, current and unbiased advice, before accompanying you into the global marketplace.

With PrivatAir at your service, you will benefit from:
  • Near-on four decades of experience
  • An independent, internal aircraft valuation tool to identify the Adjusted Current Market Value (ACMV)
  • A worldwide network of customers / potential buyers
  • A multilingual aircraft trading team with a focus on European, Middle-Eastern, African, North American and Chinese markets
  • Extensive aircraft management experience that enables us to advise potential buyers on the operation of your aircraft
  • An in-house marketing team that will promote the aircraft to PrivatAir's network of customers as well as advertise it through mass emailing campaigns, aviation brokerage platforms, tailor-made letters to Ultra HNWI, PrivatAir's corporate website and magazine

Every benefit on hand

Aircraft Sourcing

If you are selling your private jet with a view to making a new investment, our Aircraft Sourcing team will be delighted to handle the whole process. It makes good business sense to build a strong working relationship with a partner who can cover your every need.

Aircraft Management Service

Our dedicated Aircraft Management team can handle the complete management of your jet right up until the day it is sold, providing a customised service that suits your specific needs. You can enjoy until the last day, the benefits of freedom and flexibility that come with aircraft ownership, without the burden of care.

Aircraft Charter Sales

Our sales team can manage the chartering out of your private jet, as per your wishes. Available when you need it, earning revenue when you don’t, your private jet is a sound business asset all the way through to its sale.


Aircraft Sales: files available for download

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