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Privat360 Presentation

An innovative product

Excellent customer service gets noticed. Customers reward it with their loyalty, and their recommendations to others, bringing new customers. The effect can be viral. A tool that enables the easy, efficient and speedy measurement of a company’s customer service is an essential element in improving processes, motivating staff and developing training programs.

Privat360 is a user-friendly application that provides a detailed, objective assessment process with results available in just 30 minutes. The measurement is factual and the feedback offers profound analysis. The result is a powerful report that serves to establish structured, targeted action for elevating customer service to the highest levels.

Simple in practice 

For an assessment to run smoothly, it is essential for the process to be streamlined, discreet, and easy to perform any time, anywhere. The Privat360 application works on an iPad or smartphone. It provides the easy-to-use structure necessary to carry out a real-time thorough, factual, objective assessment of customer service standards. There are locations where it is not always possible to be connected. The application can work offline as well as online. Furthermore, Privat360 can be delivered as a stand-alone product, with questionnaires entirely tailored to the company’s needs. Privat360 has been designed to deliver objective measurement: it ensures you collect facts, not perceptions. As a result, it provides powerful support for a plan of action to tweak or entirely transform customer service levels, both internally and externally. 

Effective in results

Once data is sent to the server, results are available within 30 minutes, comprising factual reports, pictures and written statements. Such fast turnaround is a significant advantage for management, who can choose to take action immediately, or to establish a detailed plan to be rolled out over time. Monitoring customer service guidelines through Privat360 will provide essential information and analysis that will support an action plan that might involve:

  • improved staff appraisal
  • additional or targeted training
  • improvements in procedures

By enabling an extremely targeted approach to customer service measurement, Privat360 is a cost-effective and valuable tool.

For more information about Privat360, please contact Thomas Vrancken.